Building for the future

January 24, 2019

AOA works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure optometry’s priorities play out on America’s health care stage. Read more >

Need CE? Look no further than Optometry’s Meeting®

January 24, 2019

What's all the hype about CE at Optometry's Meeting®? Consider these three education highlights for why you should check off all your CE needs at Optometry's Meeting in St. Louis. Read more >

Taking pride in what you do

January 23, 2019

AOA’s 2018 Paraoptometric of the Year shares how she turned a job into a career—and a career into a passion. Read more >

What do patients think about the Open Payments program?

January 22, 2019

At least half of patients in study indicated they wanted to know if their doctors receive industry payments. Read more >

Care models of success

January 17, 2019

While doctors of optometry are certainly Americans’ primary eye care physicians, it could be argued that the profession is heading toward a more encompassing primary care model. The distinction is in optometry’s role in diagnosing, managing and treating systemic as well as ocular conditions. Read more >

Embarrassment, fear can make patients clam up

January 17, 2019

Ever suspected a patient of biting their tongue or outright lying? A recent study tells the bitter truth that as many as 4 out of 5 patients withhold information that could affect their care. Read more >