Staff certification benefits patients, practice

May 11, 2016

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Doctors of optometry have big role in catching giant cell arteritis before blindness

May 10, 2016

Study is the biggest to date on people suffering with giant cell arteritis. Read more >

Counsel patients about cosmetic products and procedures

May 9, 2016

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Common antihistamine may provide a clue in treatment for multiple sclerosis

May 6, 2016

Clemastine fumarate, found in over-the-counter allergy medications, may partly reverse eye damage. Read more >

Georgia, Nebraska advance patient-centered legislation

May 5, 2016

Affiliates continue to safeguard patients against misleading online “vision tests,” inferior care. Read more >

AOA member feedback impacts Medicare valuations for services

May 4, 2016

Doctors of optometry play an important role in how codes are valued. Read more >