ALOA Paraoptometric Technician Course Level 2

Sponsored By: Alabama Optometric Association & VisionAmerica

February 05, 2022

VisionAmerica, Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, AL

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2022 Paraoptometric Technician Courses
- Level 2 February 5, 2022
Sponsored by Alabama Optometric Association & VisionAmerica


7:30 am
sodas, and continental
breakfast will be provided.

8:00 am - 12:00 pm

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Lunch will not be
provided, but there are
several restaurants close to VisionAmerica.

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


250 State Farm Parkway
Birmingham, AL
Sponsored by Alabama Optometric Association & VisionAmerica

General Information

Who Should Attend
This course is designed to provide educational development for opto- metric staff members who are
currently functioning as paraoptomet- ric technicians or want to become paraoptometric technicians.

How to Register
Complete the registration form and mail it to P.O. Box 240907,
Montgomery, AL 36124-0907, along with a check made payable to
the Alabama Optometric Association. You may register online at under the events tab
when paying by credit card.  You may also complete the credit card infor- mation on the attached
registration form and fax the form to (334) 273-9681 or mail it.

Please provide the billing address for the credit card and the expiration  date.
ALOA must have this information to process your payment.  Please complete a separate
registration form for each technician.  When registering my mail, registration must be post-marked
by 12/31/2021 to be eligible for the discounted rate.

Cancellations & Transfers
Registrations can be cancelled or transferred from one technician to another. Please notify ALOA as
soon as possible if someone other than the person originally registered for the course will be attending, or if someone needs to

Continuing Education Credits
Certificates of Completion from the  ALOA as well as CPC continu- ing education certificates will
be presented at the close of each ses-

Course Dates
Level I - January 8, 2022
Level II - February 5, 2022
Level III - March 5, 2022

Vision America Instructors
Dr. Jim Marbourg, Dr. Paul Batson
& Dr Jill Helton

Location: VisionAmerica - Birmingham, AL

Level II -February 5, 2022

The Level II Course will build on the introductory knowledge founded in Level I as well as introduce additional testing for the paraoptometric technician. The course will include 4 hours of lectur-ing followed by a 4-hour workshop providing hands-on activity of the lecture material. At the conclusion of the course, the participants should have a basic understanding and be able to perform the fol-lowing tests: basic slit lamp examination, Goldmann applanation tonometry, blood pressure testing, automated visual field testing, and cover test.

Blood Pressure Testing · Advanced Cover Testing · Basic Slit Lamp Examination · Tonometry · Goldmann Applanation · Tonopen · Visual Fields · Ocular Pharmacology · Ocular Disease · Advanced History Taking · Data Correlation



Continuing Education