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The Alabama Optometry PAC (ALOPAC) has been established to advance the advocacy and legislative agenda of the optometric profession. Donor participation encourages taking an active role in government policy as It relates to Issues affecting the ·optometric profession and patients and provides an opportunity to educate elected officials and those seeking elected office about Issues affecting the optometric profession.

Because relationships matter! Every year Alabama's elected officials consider and pass countless pieces of legislation that directly and indirectly affect the profession of optometry in Alabama and your ability to provide care for your patients.

Because elections matter! As a group, you can have impact by helping to elect primary eye care-friendly candidates at the state level. A PAC allows a community of like-minded individuals to amplify their voice- individually, doctors may not have the time and resources to affect candidate elections.

Anyone who cares about the optometric profession can give to ALOPAC, and there is no maximum to what you can contribute. However, contributions are not tax deductible. Write your personal or business check to ALOPAC.

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